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  • moonless / Tatsuro Yokoyama


  • 夜になるとうまく話せることがある。語る相手は自分であったり誰かであったりする。そんなとき人々をそっと迎え入れる場所の一つがBARだ。


    それで完成したのが毎週夜に公開された8つの映像作品 after dark である。カウンターに座ったら、隣からひっそりと聞こえてくる会話とその合間に流れるピアノの曲。本作は after dark のために作曲された音楽を収録したものである。

  • Sometimes in the evening I can talk a bit better. Sometimes it's to myself, sometimes it's to someone else," says Yokoyama.
    A bar is one of the places that gently welcomes people when they are in such a mood.

    It was a time when the pandemic had shut down the world and the lights of the city had gone out. One day, Yokoyama talked on the phone with the bartender of the bar he used to frequent not so long ago.
    The conversation led to the idea of making a series of short films that would allow people to experience the atmosphere of a bar at night, even if they were at home. And they hoped that, after watching them, people would feel a sense of promise to meet again at the counter.
    The result was "After Dark", a series of eight short films, presented one each week during the shutdown.

    Imagine you are sitting at a counter, and you hear a quiet conversation from a nearby seat, and the sound of a piano in between.
    This album is a collection of music composed for After Dark.
    "I want you to listen to it when you can't sleep, or don't want to sleep", he says.


  • 横山起朗

近年はCMやテレビ番組等の楽曲提供を行い、電子音楽と映像を届ける「nuun」、和楽器を主体に演奏活動を行う「Re:connect」のメンバーとして活動、MRTラジオ「be quiet -世界で一番静かなラジオ-」のパーソナリティを務めるなど、幅広く活動する。